Wendy's Massage Therapy
Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Deep Relaxation

Welcome to Wendy's Massage Therapy! I specialize in medical massage, where I help people recover from pain and disability. My work is mostly pain-free (beyond a little tenderness) and deeply relaxing. Combined with my compassionate nature and calming energy, I always leave my clients relaxed. I also love doing Thai massage, which thoroughly relaxes you as it opens up the joints and moves energy throughout the body.

Frustrated by Your Pain? Need a Good Medical Massage?

I use an integrated set of pain-free, advanced, hands-on techniques to treat your complicated pain patterns, while leaving you in a thoroughly relaxed, naturally healing state.


Let me massage you into a trance-like healing state! If you haven't yet tried Heavenly Head Massage, Thai massage, or CranioSomatic techniques, you have no idea of the profound depth of relaxation you can find (while I am also assessing your body)!

If you need the healing power of informed touch, please make an appointment with Wendy. Your mind, body, and spirit will all thank you for it!



Wendy Elmore

GA LMT #MT005643, issued February 2009

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