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Just before Christmas I was in tremendous pain in my upper back and neck. It was radiating down my left arm and would awaken me at night. At first my husband thought I was having a heart attack because I would loose feeling in my left hand. An MRI determined that pressure in my neck was caused by narrowing in the space between my vertebrae, commonly called a pinched nerve. I was unable to use my left hand and could not turn it over or hold anything in it. This condition is known as carpal tunnel. I became incapacitated in my daily life and even walking was painful. 
My daughter introduced me to Wendy Elmore suggesting that I try her unique cranial massage . I already knew that traditional treatment would be a series of injections of steroids in my neck by an anesthesiologist. After considering that procedure, I made an appointment with Mrs. Elmore electing to try an alternative treatment 
After the first massage, I was able to lift my left arm and gently turn it in a waving motion. I was astounded by the result. All of Wendy's movements were concentrated in the cranial area. She was gentle yet firm speaking to me as she worked so I would understand her therapy. I felt better when she was finished so I scheduled another appointment. Gradually I began to heal and regain the use of my arm, neck, and and upper body. I found this amazing but difficult to explain. I continued my visits through February, going every few weeks.
I am now regaining strength. I will continue to visit Wendy, to heal naturally, and am certainly appreciative of her gentle healing hands
. - J.C 02/23/16

I truly thank God for answering our prayer for healing my husband's back pain. He has been in excruciating pain for over 2 years, and nothing we have done has made a difference. He had learned to ‘live with it’. I met Wendy and convinced him to go see her and get a "miracle massage"-- he went on a Wednesday and on Friday I was walking behind him noticing he wasn't walking the same way he had been. I asked him about his back pain. He told me that the pain had completely diminished since Wednesday and he was praying it would stay gone. It has been 4 weeks since the appointment. Still no pain. My husband works a job that calls for him to move, bend, lift and use his back daily. This truly is nothing less than a miracle for US. Thank you Wendy! - T.R. 02/07/16

My husband is a post stroke survivor with left-sided paralysis. He had been in extensive PT & OT therapy over the span of a year, yet he experienced significant debilitating pain in his hip and shoulder on the affected side. We were looking for a therapy that would give him pain relief, and fortunately we found Wendy. Wendy is outstanding in her patient assessment and treatment. She discusses in detail the type of pain being experienced and details the treatment while giving treatment in a healing atmosphere. She has been able to give significant relief to his shoulder and hip pain, while providing an overall calming therapeutic experience. Plus, she was able to do this while not requiring him to undress or move into impossible positions on the massage table. In addition to my husband’s treatment I was experiencing significant shoulder pain. He is a big man, and as I am his main caregiver there is a great deal of stress on my joints caring for him. Wendy treated me and once again I had significant relief and was able to continue giving care to my husband. We have much to thank Wendy for using her skill to make our lives better and pain free. - J.S. 02/04/16

I went to see Wendy to get an evaluation as to why I have pain in my hip from time to time. What I liked most about the experience was that I was able to wear loose clothes and still receive a very relaxing session. She did some Thai massage stretches that were amazing. Wendy is very knowledgeable about different modalities and I have a lot of confidence in her ability to know what my body needs most to get out of pain. If it were in my budget I would go see Wendy once a week! - L.B. 11/15/15

My first appointment with Wendy was for treatment of lower back pain that radiated through my leg. Wendy took the time to consult with me prior to our session. She had a clear plan of how she wanted to approach our session and she communicated exactly what she was going to do for me. Wendy’s intention was very focused and client centered. Wendy is highly skilled in therapeutic massage and her pressure and execution of each step was impeccable! She truly cares about each of her clients. Wendy is confident, passionate, and dedicated to her profession. By the end of our session, my pain was completely alleviated! I have found my massage therapist! I can’t thank you enough Wendy! – D. H. 10/02/15

I had hip-replacement surgery 5 years ago. I have been in constant pain ever since, and I take narcotic pain medicine twice a day. Physical therapy has not helped. A hip replacement expert at Emory told me they apparently sewed in the nerves in an entangled way during the surgery, and there was nothing they could do for me (maybe because I am 84). Wendy worked on me for 1 hour. She worked on my head only, but my hip felt much better! Then she worked on my hip. I was so surprised when she had me touch it, and I had trouble finding the sore spot, and she had me walk – and it felt great!! It is now a week later, and I have been sleeping better and the walks I take 4 times a day are much easier. I was skeptical that there was anything that could be done for me, but Wendy did it. She is good! - F.S. 09/17/15

Before going to Wendy, I had a lot of pain that went from my hip down to my ankle. This pain started keeping me up at night. I could not find a position that made the pain go away. I could not sit, I could not stand, and I definitely could not lie down. It hurt and I couldn’t even find a position that helped lessen it. This went on day and night for about 3 months. I saw a chiropractor but the pain persisted. After my session with Wendy, I found relief. Wendy’s method of working and stretching the muscles helped me so much and brought me relief from my pain. Her technique is not like other massage I have received. She did some magic on my head, and I immediately felt a little better, then she worked more directly on the painful area, and I felt a lot better. I could sleep through the night! – S. H. 09/09/15

I have been in severe pain in my jaw, head, and neck for over a year. Doctors have prescribed shots and very strong pain medicine. None helped. I met with Wendy for massage therapy, and the results have been amazing! I feel great and no longer have shots and take strong pain medicine. Massage therapy helps stop pain. I am so pleased to work with Wendy. – C.B. 08/22/15

I am extremely impressed with not only Wendy’s ability to give very effective massages for relieving pain, but her extensive knowledge of many body- and massage-related topics. It is with great confidence that I highly recommend Wendy to anyone desiring a high-quality massage. I have not yet been a recipient of one of her relaxation massages, but am certain that it, too, will be exceptional and I am looking forward to it!! - L.K. 06/17/15





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