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Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Deep Relaxation
My Style

I am very good at getting people out of pain in a pain-free manner. If bodywork is causing you pain, it is only causing your nervous system to guard, and you will not receive as much benefit. I work with the nervous system to build trust and peel the layers of guarding away, and to peel the layers of tissue injury away, so I can get in deeply and effectively without causing you to tense up. That is one reason even my pain-relieving sessions tend to be deeply relaxing for my clients.

Depending on the client's goals, conditions, and feedback, I integrate a number of techniques together to deliver the best possible session for the client at that time. I have successfully prevented people from having knee surgery and shoulder surgery; I have caused people to throw away wrist braces and knee braces; I have eliminated months-long headaches and years-long TMJ. Even though my work doesn't always feel painfully deep, it is profoundly effective.

I am especially good at helping with head, neck, and face pain, along with problems of the knees, shoulders, and arms/wrists. I also work with problems of the feet, hips, back, etc. I have a special tool that is really effective at scraping crystals away from joints in arthritic fingers and toes.


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